Ken Ippolito

Ken Ippolito

Sole Owner

RLI Enterprises


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A successful real estate professional with considerable experience in the field, Ken Ippolito currently works as the sole owner of RLI Enterprises in Cleveland, Ohio. In this capacity, he oversees all purchasing and selling activities at the real estate firm and coordinates renovations of multimillion-dollar apartment buildings. In addition to handling all inspections and permits and maintaining close communication with business partners and contracted professionals, Ken Ippolito ensures proper bookkeeping throughout all of the company’s activities.

In recent years, Ken Ippolito has become the owner and manager of several large apartment buildings in the Cleveland area, including Legend Point Apartments and Belken Village Apartments. To ensure smooth operations at his apartment buildings, he implements efficient payroll systems and employs highly qualified human resources professionals.

Mr. Ippolito holds a bachelor of science in business administration from John Carroll University, where he held a spot on the dean’s list every year and focused his studies on business management and marketing.


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