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https://www.blvdcenters.org/ecstasy-rehab-treatment-centers - While Molly has spent years as one of the most popular street drugs on the planet, it’s also one of the deadliest – particularly when mixed with other drugs or alcohol. While the hallucinogenic effects may seem euphorically pleasing, they can also cause headaches, chest pains, nausea, vomiting, seizures…and even loss of consciousness.

The problem with Molly, and ecstasy in fact, is that…as soon as the euphoria starts to wear off, users top up to keep the high at a peak. This is where the risk of overdose comes in. Signs include hyperthermia, dry mouth, muscles cramps…and all of the side-effects listed before…to the extreme.

No matter how far gone you may think you are, it’s never too late to wipe your slate clean and make a fresh start. Blvd Treatment Centers has dealt with countless such cases, and you or a loved one could be next. Call us today, to step onto the empowering road of freedom.

If you or a loved one feels a need to overcome a Ecstasy addiction, visit http://www.BlvdCenters.org or call (866) 583-2384 to speak to an Addiction Counselor. At BLVD we custom tailor our recovery programs within the safe and nurturing confines of our rehab treatment centers. Our mission is to assess the severity of your addiction to help you achieve true and lasting recovery.

Quitting molly can be difficult. However, with hard work, dedication, and a strong will to stop abusing ecstary, you can enjoy a substance-free lifestyle.

To help avoid relapse, you’ll be encouraged to take part in a group workshop to shore up your newly discovered sobriety, and keep you on the road to a clean lifestyle.

Along with helping you recover from ecstasy dependence, our qualified healthcare professionals will also help you identify your emotional triggers.


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