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Kavita Gupta

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A public school administrator and teacher with a decade of experience, Kavita Gupta currently serves as assistant principal of the Performing Arts and Technology High School in Brooklyn, New York. Educated at Bowdoin College and the New York University Stern School of Business, Kavita Gupta spent the first phase of her career in the corporate world, working in various consulting roles for Ernst & Young, Pfizer, and KPMG. At the end of this period, Kavita Gupta sought a career in education and soon joined the staff at Rafael Hernandez Dual Language Magnet School in the Bronx, during which time she enrolled in the New York City Teaching Fellows Program at Lehman College.

After receiving her master of arts in secondary math education in 2005, Kavita Gupta went on to teach at Manhattan Hunter Science High School. Four years later, she entered the next stage of her professional training at the New York City Leadership Academy, where she served in supervisory roles at several Brooklyn high schools. From there, she completed an S.B.L. in education administration at Baruch College and assumed duties as principal of the Brooklyn Academy of Global Finance. Today, Ms. Gupta continues to grow as an educational leader at the Performing Arts and Technology High School.


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