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Kavin Austin Blake

Kavin Austin Blake

Kavin Austin Blake
Kavin Austin Blake

16765 Fishhawk Boulevard, Lithia, Florida, 33547,
United States

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About Kavin Austin Blake

Kavin Austin Blake is known as a fishing maven to his friends and family. In fact, one of the first things people notice about the avid outdoorsman is how enthusiastic he is about the sport of fishing. It’s a past time Kavin Austin Blake has pursued with a passion for the past decade, as he deep-sea fishes off the coasts of Carolina and California and beyond.

His love for fishing has actually taken him across the globe. Kavin Austin Blake’s eternal quest is for the biggest fish and it has taken him to some of the most exotic locations in the world. The Florida Keys are, of course, a great place to catch large fish, but Kavin Austin Blake has found numerous other spots where prize fish are both plentiful and biting.

For freshwater fishing, Kavin Austin Blake reports that British Columbia has some of the biggest sturgeon, weighing in at more than 1,000 pounds. Australia is known for its 1,500-pound black marlin, located in the Great Barrier Reef. For tuna, Nova Scotia is a great place, Kavin Austin Blake states, with fish measuring in the 1,000 pound category. Brazil is also a great place for fishing, with the Amazon Basin being home to arapaima that can grow up to 12 feet.

Some of the most enjoyable fishing travel destinations are the islands. Kavin Austin Blake has traveled to the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands, two popular deep sea fishing destinations. An added benefit to these fishing destinations is that they are incredibly scenic. Believing travel opens the mind, Kavin Austin Blake has a genuine love for seeing new places. This appreciation of beautiful and interesting locales contributes to his overall positive approach to life, and deep sea fishing is the perfect complement to this approach, allowing Kavin Austin Blake to do something he loves in some of the most exciting locations on earth.

In addition to being able to spend time outdoors and enjoy the scenery, Kavin Austin Blake has also been exposed to the culture of different areas of the world. He has been able to enjoy a wide variety of cuisine and music and has developed a sincere passion for each. While staying in some of the best tropical locations in the world, Kavin Austin Blake stays in shape by working out, while taking in all the best sights at each place he visits. He practices a healthy lifestyle, playing football and basketball when he isn’t fishing. Kavin Austin Blake also enjoys attending major sporting events.


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Kavin Austin Blake

About Kavin Austin Blake

Kavin Austin Blake Reports the Danger of Engineered Fish


Manufactured fish could harm the environment, avid fisherman Kavin Austin Blake warns.


LITHIA, Florida – December 30, 2012 – Kavin Austin Blake is closely monitoring the news of the government’s impending approval of genetically engineered fish. Federal regulators recently gave the go-ahead to a salmon that grows twice as fast as a regular salmon, stating the fish would not be likely to cause environmental harm.


According to Kavin Austin Blake, the fish in question is AquaAdvantage salmon, a fish that was created by a company called AquaBounty. It is injected with genes from Pacific Chinook salmon and ocean pout, encouraging it to grow at previously unheard-of rates, Kavin Austin Blake states. The fish is intended for human consumption, and will be the first engineered fish in the world, if approved by the Food and Drug Administration.


In the days leading up to final approval, the FDA is taking comments from the public on the issue, Kavin Austin Blake relates. For that reason, Kavin Austin Blake believes it is critically important for the public to fully understand the impact of genetically altered food on the ecosystem.


Opponents have labeled the salmon “frankenfish,” notes Kavin Austin Blake, stepping up to question what releasing genetically-produced wildlife into waterways could do. Kavin Austin Blake states that if allowed to breed, these fish could be detrimental to existing salmon populations, which could have a wide-ranging impact on other livestock.


On the flip side, Kavin Austin Blake states that proponents see manmade livestock as a replacement for the diminishing size and number of fish on the planet today. This is due, in part, to global warming, which is beginning to show significant impact in Antarctica. Over time, fishermen like Kavin Austin Blake fear that global warming could affect livestock, especially fish, drastically reducing the amount of seafood available for human consumption.


While some are excited about the possibility of creating super-sized salmon for human consumption, Kavin Austin Blake and other environmentalists are concerned about the growth hormones used in these fish. Many consumers are still unclear about the impact of consuming growth hormones on humans, Kavin Austin Blake states, and some choose to completely avoid eating food injected with growth hormones altogether for health reasons. In addition, opponents are concerned about allergic reactions, especially in children.


Additionally, Kavin Austin Blake points to a negative impact on the salmon industry. Harvesting and providing salmon to food distributors worldwide employs a large number of skilled laborers, according to Kavin Austin Blake, many of whom have spent their lives in the trade. Kavin Austin Blake believes it is important to watch the news on this closely over the coming days in order to contact the FDA when the time arrives that the agency seeks consumer input on the matter.

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