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Kate Obenshain Real Estate is located in the heart of Winchester, VA. Formerly a motivational speaker, a regular on Fox, CNBC and MSNBC and radio shows, and a widely acclaimed author, Kate Obenshain spent 25 years championing her strong convictions about individual liberty on a national platform. She made a name for herself debating some of the most powerful names in the public policy arena and taking on the tough issues facing our nation today. Kate put her words into action when she entered the real estate arena: she now helps people in her community achieve a port ion of the American Dream through home ownership. Kate’s negotiating prowess, her tenacity and energy, integrity and professionalism, as well as her passion for helping individuals to achieve their dreams, make her uniquely qualified to offer the best possible service to her clients as they buy or sell a home. A native of the Winchester, VA area for over 20 years, Kate see s it as an honor to help others with some of the most important decisions of their lives.


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