Katelynn Grindell

Katelynn Grindell


Introducing Shisha Pens

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Just when society was maybe thinking that smoking in public was at last being pushed out from the clubs, bars and restaurants a brand new generation of e-smokers start to challenge legislation that had looked to be finally defeating tobacco. Many people see e-cigarettes as something that's cut from the same cloth as tobacco products and instinctively feel the need to beef up the legal guidelines to include all types of smoking however is that appropriate and fair? Take shisha pens for example, they're non-toxic, don't contain nicotine and the odourless, tasteless vapour dissipates immediately inflicting no harm or interference to any one in the same area. Shisha pens might appear to look like a cigarette but the reality is that their harm and impact to the smoker, the environment and other people is about the same as someone sucking on a lolly-pop.


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