Karl F von Reuter

Karl F von Reuter

Committed to Clients' Rights and Autonomy 

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About Me

A successful Minneapolis-based workers' compensation attorney, Karl F. Reuter first developed an interest in this area of law while an undergraduate student. He studied abroad in the former German Democratic Republic, where he gained firsthand insights into socialism and theories of wealth distribution as a construction worker. Since that time, Karl F. Reuter has critically investigated the relationship between big insurance and Western capitalism through personal studies in economics, philosophy, and related disciplines.

Today, Karl F. Reuter upholds a commitment to workers' rights by ensuring that insurance companies pay out appropriate benefits. Moreover, rather than sway clients into a single course of action, he presents all available avenues and encourages them to make their own educated decision, thereby ensuring their autonomy throughout the complex legal process. He also holds membership in the Minnesota Association for Justice, which remains committed to individuals' rights.

When away from the office, Reuter enjoys playing the banjo and spending time with his wife and three children. He holds degrees from Rutgers University and Hamline University.


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