Karen Lysik

Karen Lysik

Founder & President

40 Sorority Row


About Me

A prolific business mind based in Calabasas, California, Dr. Karen D. Lysik holds the position of president of Lysik Group, A Family of Companies. Parent company to 40 Sorority Row, Cop a Seat, 13 Porchester Place, and Writers' Dock Party, under her management, Lysik Group Corporation has quickly achieved prominence in the corporate arena.
With efforts underway with 40 Sorority Row to promote fashion, fitness, beauty, health, glamour, and lifestyle for women ages 40+, Dr. Karen Lysik is frequently called to participate on expert panels and has been featured at conferences and on radio and television. 40 Sorority Row maintains a global presence and has partnered with a strong team of highly specialized celebrity consultants.
Prior to devoting much of her time to developing the brand, Dr. Karen Lysik served as Founder and President of Writers Dock Party, a global writers network boasting more than 10,000 seasoned and successful Producers, Publishers, Playwrights, Screen/Film Directors, Novelists, Non-Fiction Authors, Newspaper Owners, Reporters, and Lyricists. Dr. Karen Lysik has authored a number of publications and has served as a pre-publication reader to many distinguished authors including New York Times Best Selling Author, the late Michael Palmer.

Dr. Karen Lysik holds a Bachelor's degree in English from California State University, Los Angeles, a Master's degree in Psychology from Pepperdine University, and a Doctorate in Business Management from Pepperdine University. Her downtime is spent flying helicopters, hang gliding, rollerblading, fencing, walking, reading, writing, and travel.


About the company

40 Sorority Row globally informs, engages, and mobilizes women 40+to improve their appearance, health, well-being, and zest for life. 40 Sorority Row celebrates people, places, and ideas that are defining modern culture for women 40+.

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