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The main difference between a JSA as well as an SWMS

Many people often get lost with a Job safety Analysis (JSA) and also a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS). Yet, although the two concern improving safety in the workplace, the truth is they're just completely different as well as are generally unique in their very own way. This article will supply useful information that can help solve the misunderstandings among both. 


The term Job Safety Analysis or perhaps JSA has been widely used within the Australian sector for many years now. In a nutshell, the JSA is a kind of risk analysis; it gives a step-by-step outline of just how an activity can be carried out in the most secure way possible. A JSA is reckoned more detailed and efficient in comparison to other sorts of risk examination methods that just look into fixed situations. 

In recent times, several organizations have broadened the definition of JSA to add in environmental aspects as well. Hence, in some firms, instead of simply JSA, it's known as “JSEA”. Then again there is no legitimate reason to keep on changing the labels since a JSA can and definately will usually supply a total specification of every part of the task like: quality, environmental factors, energy efficiency, practicality and also the way a task can be performed in the fastest as well as easiest way you can. 

A Job Safety Analysis or JSA is made up of three key components which are the following:

Basic Steps-features the procedures in executing the task
Risks-highlights the potential hazards in the workplace as well as safe work methods in order to stop them
Process-contains step by step directions concerning how to perform the process safely and securely. It will also include jobs where dealing with gear as well as machinery are important. Additional information will include workwear and safety procedures. 


The phrase SWMS or Safe Work Method Statement began gaining interest right after the 2007 OHS Regulations had been released. Basically, a Safe Work Method Statement is recommended for “high risk construction job”. However, this is not to say that Method Statements are restricted to work concerning the construction sector alone. It's applicable to all jobs as well as industries where threats or potential issues are noticed. 

A Safe Work Method Statement or perhaps SWMS is made to complete these:

* Recognize what kind of work or even task is considered “high risk” or dangerous
* State the way the hazards as well as threats could affect an individual's safety and health at work 
* Develop procedures that can help control the potential risks
* Explain how the risk control measures should be carried out or implemented on the job

Safe Work Method Statements has almost exactly the same elements as the JSA. Yet, Method Statements are generally employed for construction works. However, recently Safe Work Method Statements have been applied to industries beyond construction which explains why there has been misunderstandings in between both JSA and SWMS. 

An SWMS or Safe Work Method Statement can promote an improved work environment since when employees are well-informed on how to steer clear of the risks involved in their own job, they will be able to concentrate more on the work they are doing rather than how they can keep them selves safe from injury. Method Statements or safety management systems also help to improve employee-employer relationships.

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