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Julio Anderson
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Julio Anderson


United States

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The Truth Behind Same Sex Marriage

Sexuality is supposedly a very simple thing to explain, it is composed of two important parts. The male and the female, the Bible teaches us that there are only two kinds of sex gender in this world, the Lord created one woman and one man, he never created Lesbian. And yet the bible speaks of nothing about them, so literally they have not done anything wrong. All they ever did was be honest about themselves and be happy with their lives.

Our past society vividly shows that they are racist and unable to accept people that is different from them. Difference in color, language and lifestyle fore them is a threat that needs to be eliminated. Our present society is not different from the past now our present people are not racist but sexist, they can’t accept that bisexuals do exist and that we cannot do anything about it, except genocide which of course is never an option unless you are like Hitler.

The present society needs to accept that Gay exists whether they like it or not. In fact the United Sates actually legalized same sex marriage. There is no twist or critical thinking required about their true motive because love is the connection of two people intimately understanding each other and trusting each other. The simple truth is love is boundless, it defies even gender, it conquers age and poverty. Love is simple yet it can change the world itself.

It is very hard to change the society about their belief about sexism, but it will not start with the society, it will start with us. A few people who really understand the hardships and trials of being bisexual, it is never easy to be homosexual and yet no matter how they are criticized and judged they still face you with a smile in their faces. An amateur homosexual may cry now, but the sooner they truly understand their worth, the sooner they can stand and face the world with honor and dignity. The society may not be ready now for talented people like them but with our help may be we change the world.

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