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Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa


78557, United States

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Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa deeply admires traditional Mexican artwork and frequents the gallery of Jesus Guerrero Santos on Guadalajara’s Avenida Vallarta. There, Mr. Guerrero Chapa takes in the beautiful ceramic and metallic pieces made by skilled Tonala artisans that reflect 16th-century crafting techniques. Mr. Guerrero Chapa notes that these pieces have made it to the Vatican for display and have been shown in Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey; he particularly admires the artist’s drive to keep traditional Mexican art alive and well. Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa takes an interest in the artist’s process of utilizing Alpaca, a mix of copper, silver, and brass, hammering it to fit a ceramic form. The artist engraves it with repujado designs using an awl and finishes it by adding metal filigree around the body of the piece. Mr. Guerrero Chapa favors Jesus Guerrero Santos’ designs of angels, mermaids, virgins, and candelabras. In addition to his interest in art, Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa raises the finest-pedigree Charolais bulls in his area. He works in conjunction with an outfit called Elite Charolaise, a cattle breeder that specializes in the sale of bulls, heifers, semen, and embryos. Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa likes the fact that Elite Charolaise provides clients with a host of services. These include tours at its facility in France, aiding customers in deciding what purchases work best for their needs, and handling important details such as international paperwork involving complicated export regulations. A huge fan of soccer and an avid player himself, Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa follows and supports his local Club León, a professional Mexican football club. Club León currently strives to win the Liga De Ascenso and play again in the Primera División, which it previously won five times. Mr. Guerrero Chapa also gives back to his community and often devotes time to his local church; he has helped to build a new wing there which houses important statues and candles. He also donates beef to local restaurants and enjoys dining out, sampling the regional delicacies. Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa admires his town of León, Mexico, which produces beautiful leather goods and promotes environmental consciousness by providing a well-designed network of bike lanes throughout the city for its many bike riders.

Leon, MX
01/1/1996 —Present



Walking into Guerrero's Avenida Vallarta gallery, it is easy to mistake the brightly colored mirrors, heraldic emblems, candelabras, mermaids, virgins and angels for antiquities. But all have been designed by Guerrero and manufactured during weeks of painstaking work by a team of 40 skilled artisans. The wedding of metal to ceramics is Guerrero's unique contribution to Mexican handicrafts. Alpaca -- a copper-silver-brass alloy that is more malleable than silver -- is hammered to snugly fit the ceramic form and engraved with intricate awl-tooled repujado designs. Metal filigree is often soldered around the ceramic body in a final flourish. Teaching people of my home town: Visit this land of women and men entrepreneurs, ha rdworking, honest, friendly and innovative, is to know the other part of our ter ritory located in northeastern Mexico. Your stay in Nuevo Leon lands necessarily provoke expressions of admiration for the ability we have women and men of this earth to transform the geographic and climatic adversity, in a modern, vibrant, avant-garde and a promising future vision that confirms it is the engine of ind ustrial development in northern Spain. Through the following pages you will see that the traditional industrial prestige enjoyed Nuevo León I also love soccer team Club León, which is one of the foremost teams in Mexico

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