Juanita Patrick

Juanita Patrick

Self-employed Entrepreneur

Curly Hair Care


About Me

Juanita Patrick is a full-time marketing entrepeneur.
Her tenacity and ambitous nature have helped her create a successful website in the beauty niche.

At present, Juanita is a happy stay-at-home mom and the website owner of Curly-Hair-Care.com, a resource for women (and men) who need help learning how to care for and maintain their naturally curly hair. As the creative publisher she maintains a blog, YouTube channel, and ever-growing Facebook page. She also likes to contribute to related hair care forums where she can assist others in their journey towards healthier hair.

Prior to this, Juanita was working "dead-end jobs" at home-based companies such as Alpine Access, Inc. and Convergys. Though she appreciated the convenience of being able to see her family on a more regular basis she was still unhappy with the mediocre pay and having to make the occasional choice between bills and basic neccessities. Making the decision to never trade hours for dollars again, Juanita launched her first website in June of 2013.

Juanita holds a degree in Marketing.

Personal Interests/Publications/Awards
Juanita is a true bookworm at heart and loves to curl up with a brand new novel. An Indie music fan and inventive cook, she likes to experience new things and try new recipes. As a result, her husband and two daughters have learned to steer clear of the kitchen whenever she's in it and to give all types of music a fair try.


About the company

This site provides information on hair care tips, all-natural products, hair loss treatment procedures, and various styling options. Here women learn how to take control of their curls and love the hair they were born with.

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