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About Me

Joshua Parkhurst has represented employees, labor unions and employee benefits funds since 1998.

His work with employees includes representing individuals in litigation or other dispute resolution involving termination of employment, unlawful discrimination and harassment and wage and hour violations. In addition, Joshua advises employees in non-litigation matters, such as working with current employees as to how to avoid potential terminations, and advising clients in contract or severance negotiations.

Joshua has also worked with labor unions in all aspects of representation, including organizing drives, grievance representation, contract negotiation and duty of fair representation matters.

Joshua also represents employee benefits funds in litigation and compliance related matters.

Joshua worked for some of New York City's most prestigious worker side law firms for 17 years. In 2014, he formed the Law Offices of Joshua Parkhurst, where he continues to advocate for workers' rights. In addition to running his own practice, Joshua is Of Counsel to the Giles Law Firm.

Specialties:Represent union and non-union employees in all labor and employment law matters.


About the company

The Law Offices of Joshua Parkhurst   is a law firm in New York City                specializing in representation of           workers.

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