Jordan Morgan

Jordan Morgan


Professional Poker Player


United States

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About Jordan Morgan

Jordan Morgan was born in 1984 and currently resides in Norman, Oklahoma City, United States.
Jordan is a young poker player, only 24 years old and inside the poker field Jordan he is also known by his nickname: “iMsoLucky0”, which some think is funny but when you take a look at his success, it comes clear where the nickname comes from.

Jordan started playing poker when he was eighteen - still a teenager. Ever since he had played the popular card game full time. Jordan’s ambition now is to win his own gold bracelet. His favourite poker game is HU limit, but when he entered the World Series of Poker, 2006 he finished at 2nd place, earning the prize of $81,092. On September 13th 2007 he finished 1st and won $216,852 in cash.

However, being a successful player has not stopped him from keeping his social life healthy. Although he is only 24, Morgan is now married to his wonderful wife. Both of them love going to Jordan’s home in Oklahoma. So it is safe to say that so far he is doing just fine – a loving husband and successful player. And quite successful he is - as of 2008, his total tournament earnings exceed $1,059,021 $.

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