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Jon L Curry


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A driven extreme-sports enthusiast who engages a wide range of pursuits, Sonoma, California, resident Jon L. Curry particularly enjoys mountain biking. Throughout the years, he has made trips to a number of mountain biking destinations across the globe, including Utah; Costa Rica; and Downieville, California. For avid sportsmen like Jon L. Curry, Utah features some of the most pristine trails in the United States. In particular, the state’s Moab region plays host to a variety of terrain types, from gently rolling hills for beginners to sharply changing courses for advanced riders.

In addition to his love of mountain biking, Jon L. Curry enjoys skiing during the colder months of the year. He especially relishes tackling some of the most renowned ski slopes in the United States, including those in Aspen, Durango, and Vail Colorado and Lake Tahoe CA.


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Sonoma, CA
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