Jonathan D Rexford

Jonathan D Rexford

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Jonathan Rexford is a father, husband and a business owner.

He has owned and operated several businesses in the Real Estate arena. Specializing in creative finance, options, lease options, rehabs, property management, joint venture partnerships, licensed real estate agent, licensed mortgage broker, builder, developer of commercial and residential properties with addition of several subdivisions.

As a creative finance specialist he has been able to help people sell their house and save them money in commissions and closing costs in away where it was more beneficial for them. He has also been able to help people into houses that have otherwise been not able to purchase houses.

In addition of real-estate activities, he has also owned a restaurant, paint & body shop along with a towing division that serviced Indian River County.

Owning and operating businesses is nothing new for Jonathan. He started when he was just a teenager, by mowing lawns, which transformed into a full service design, build and maintain company which ended in 1993 due to the fact he became allergic to grass.

Today Jonathan enjoys spending time with his family and church. His hobbies are reading, gardening fishing and also exploring sustainable lifestyle living. But you never know what he is into next. He is always out looking for an opportunity and enjoys life to the fullest by helping people achieving their potential.

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