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A home brewer since 1987, John Lyle Harrison came upon his passion by accident. When he discovered that an individual nearby was selling extract kits, he researched the process and found that the only other ingredients needed for these kits were sugar, yeast, and water. Encouraged, John Lyle Harrison purchased his first kits. He combined the kit with the other ingredients and in two weeks, he had brewed his first bottles of beer.

After many years of kit brewing, Mr. Harrison moved into a new house. There, he began transforming part of his basement into a brewery and adopted a new brewing technique called “brew in a bag.” This method uses a canvas bag to mix ingredients and a boiling system to prepare the beer. Since adopting this system and refining it with new techniques and equipment, he has observed a significant improvement in quality as well as greater satisfaction in the process. In addition to developing his brewing techniques, the home brewer enjoys connecting like-minded individuals online as a Web moderator.


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