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1. Make sure to drink enough water. Water is an important component of a healthy eating plan. After all our body is comprised of approximately 75% water. Water helps us flush our bodies of toxins and waste products.

2. Consume more whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes. If we eat more of these items throughout the day our sugar and energy levels will remain in check.

3. Eat an adequate amount of calories but don't overdo it. Put some thought into how many calories you really need to consume throughout the day. A construction worker will burn up more calories than somebody who working in an office. Don't consume more than you will burn.

4. Watch the portion size of your meals. For some reason our portion sizes over the years have increased dramatically. I believe this has a lot to do with marketing. If you order your favorite entree at a restaurant and get a loaded large platter of food you will most likely be happy paying the price they are asking for the meal. The reality is that our portion size has doubled or tripled over years past. Be proactive and package up any food beyond a reasonable portion and make two meals out of it instead of one.

5. Consume a wide range of foods. Go out of your way to try new foods. I am always looking for ways to incorporate different types of whole grains into my diet. There are probably a lot of grains and legumes that you have never even heard of. Try some new exotic fruits or vegetables that you found at the market. The worst that can happen is that you don't like them. Keep your meals exciting and new by adding variety.


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