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John Gamboa

John Gamboa is an IT Systems Engineer

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John Gamboa, a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, is a happily married father of five and has been married to his lovely wife for over 20 years. He works in the San Francisco Bay Area as an IT Systems Engineer for an IT consulting firm that serves small business in the Bay Area.

He buys houses throughout the San Francisco area but focusing on Solano County - Vallejo, Fairfield, Vacaville, Benicia, Suisun, Cordelia, as well as American Canyon, Sacramento, and Stockton.

John Gamboa attended San Francisco State University (1991-1993)
John Gamboa attended Heald College (1997-1998, 2007-2008)

Family time, Golf, Reading, Basketball

TV Shows: Psych, Person of Interest, Criminal Minds, Scorpion, Arrested Development

John Gamboa - Current Location: [San Francisco, CA]


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IT Consulting Company - Systems Engineer and Technician

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