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John Fox


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About Me

With nearly 20 years of experience, John J. Fox is proud to serve as an aggressive criminal defense attorney for clients throughout the San Antonio area. Attorney Fox has been published multiple times and has taught several different class and seminars throughout the years. If you or someone you love has been arrested, you should not hesitate to contact him as soon as possible. He is proud to offer completely free case reviews and looks forward to helping you however he can.

Contact Information
The Law Office of John J. Fox 
214 Dwyer Ave #202, 
San Antonio, TX 78204 
(210) 460-1221

Practice Areas
* Criminal Defense
* Domestic Violence
* DWI Defense 
* Drug Crimes
* Sex Crimes
* Theft Crimes
* White Collar Crimes


About the company

The Law Office of John J. Fox represents the criminally accused in San Antonio, TX.

Contact Information

(210) 460-1221


214 Dwyer Ave #202, San Antonio, TX 78204 
United Arab Emirates