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Known as a hardworking entrepreneur who knows good business when he sees it, Mr. Joe Devellis of Connecticut loves exploring business opportunities and is prepared to do what he can to make his business grow. Self-employed for more than twenty years, Mr. Devellis takes pride in being an international pizza business champion. He loves good food, enjoys great music and working on cars, especially the classic and exotic ones. Joe also loves making wine and enjoying good ones whenever he can. He is also into motorcycles and enjoys the sense of freedom and speed he gets from riding. He enjoys a good challenge and will never back done from it. Striving hard to come up on top of the game, Joe Devellis is a product of the school of hard knocks. He may have only finished high school but his over two decades of experience in the field of business has enabled him to develop a mighty talent for building business from the ground up. Many of those who know Joe Devellis can attest to his carefree, simple attitude in which the complexities of the world have no place and what matters more is the good of others before his own interests. 
Mr. Joe Devellis of Connecticut is a great friend and a devoted family man. He is prepared to do anything he can for the good of his family, pushing aside a hectic schedule just to be out with his loved ones whenever he can. In addition, Joe enjoys a good movie every now and then. He is into fishing and gardening thanks to the therapeutic benefits they provide to his mind and soul. Joe loves talking to his friends and family, seeking their help and advice when he feels overwhelmed by the many challenges he has to face. He is glad that he has been able to derive wisdom from those who care about and truly know him, seeing them as his faithful allies who can help him fulfill his goals to make the world a better place to live. 
Joe Devellis currently resides in Shelton, Connecticut.


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Shelton, Connecticut
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