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Joe Ciminera

Chef & Producer
Taste This T.V.!

United States
United States

About Joe Ciminera

In a world that places a high value on good food and fine dining, Chef Joe Ciminera brings his own creative flair to the table through his televised cooking show, Taste This T.V.! Bringing an extensive background in culinary arts to the show, Joe Ciminera sharpened his skills in fine dining establishments, such as Le Cirque, Carmines, Le Petite Bijou, and Les Celebrities. Additionally, Joe Ciminera studied under culinary masters Daniel Boulud, Pierre Manor, Christian Doulevere, Jean Louis Pallidan, Mike Depirito, and Vincenzo Provino.

Joe Ciminera’s skills are evident as he leads his audience through different culinary destinations, coaxing a fresh creativeness out of even the most simplistic of dishes. Never taped in the same location, Taste This T.V.! takes viewers from their living rooms to places such as the finest olive farms in Italy and the world’s most renowned wineries. Taste This T.V.! also features a variety of guest co-hosts, from celebrity chefs to the show’s fans.

Over the course of his professional career, Joe Ciminera has been singled out for a number of awards and honors. Joe Ciminera is the youngest person ever to receive the Gross Bonnet Award from the European American Culinary Council and is a Certified Youngest Chef through the American Culinary Federation. On top of these honors, Joe Ciminera has consistently been lauded by critics, peers, and fans alike for his unique combinations of flavors and textures.

Passionate about helping others, Joe Ciminera is well known for his activism in the fight against childhood obesity. To this end, Joe Ciminera has created a healthy seven-day meal plan designed to teach the American public special techniques in providing and preparing wholesome, nutritious meals for children. Joe Ciminera’s instructional DVD is based off more than two years of research.

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