Joe Barbat

Joe Barbat

Founder, CEO, & Chairman
Wireless Toyz

MI, United States
United States

About Joe Barbat

Joe Barbat is the founder and CEO of Wireless Toyz, which is headquartered in Southfield, Michigan. Named among the nation’s fastest growing franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2007, Wireless Toyz currently manages 100 stores in 15 states. Joe Barbat applies a strong entrepreneurial spirit to this highly successful enterprise. Moreover, Joe Barbat possesses a keen understanding of customer service and consumer needs, which he attributes to his early experience working at his father’s video store. Under Joe Barbat’s leadership, Wireless Toyz created a real innovation in the cell phone industry by offering phones and products from various service providers in one retail location and vastly simplifying the often overwhelming process of comparing and shopping for cell phone products.


Joe Barbat began his profitable business career by selling pagers for his father’s video store at the age of 17. After only a year, Joe Barbat had accumulated enough capital to open his own store. Building on the success of his first store, Joe Barbat began franchising the company in 2001. At present, Wireless Toyz is one of the largest companies of its kind in the nation. Dedicated to helping others grow their businesses, Joe Barbat provides expert guidance to his franchise operators, and they benefit greatly from his entrepreneurial acumen as well as his business and customer service models. Joe Barbat attributes the success of Wireless Toyz to his franchisees’ satisfaction with and pride in the company, as well as the excellent product his company delivers.


Through Joe Barbat's continued innovation and business-building strategies, Wireless Toyz has evolved into a retail destination that includes satellite television and radio services, in addition to cell phone services, equipment, and accessories. Deeply committed to customer satisfaction, Wireless Toyz ensures that customers fully understand how to use new products, and skilled Wireless Toyz employees are always available to deliver personal in-store training and to provide well-informed and objective advice on choosing among the many service providers and products offered by Wireless Toyz.

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