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Jiten Mehta


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As the holder of a chartered accountant degree from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in Mumbai and a bachelor’s of law degree from Government of Law College in Mumbai, Jiten Mehta has more than a decade of accounting and tax preparation experience. Prior to moving to America, he spent three years working at Furgussion and Co., handling bookkeeping, tax return, and auditing work for clients. Since moving, Jiten Mehta has worked at such companies as Allstate Insurance and H&R Block, where he helped clients prepare their tax returns and build their companies. He currently works as an accountant at My Tax Accounting & Business Service, LLC, in Maryland, where he provides various financial services and guidance.

In addition to his commitment to clients, Jiten Mehta supports many causes in his community. He supports the Salvation Army and regularly helps students and individuals moving to the United States get settled by providing guidance. In his free time, he enjoys staying active and healthy, and he regularly walks, works out, and practices yoga. He cooks every day and adheres to a strict vegetarian diet and meditation. A fan of sports, Jiten Mehta enjoys chess, ping pong, and Indian cricket, and he regularly watches sporting events live or on television.


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