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Fukkenwax is a revolutionary, waterless car cleaning wax that is used all over the world by car, truck, watercraft and motorcycle owners who know that having a Fukken Shine means heads will turn!

If you are looking for long-lasting shine and superior performance that’s hard to beat – then you have come to the right place! Professional auto detailers don't want you to know about this – the best Fukken car wax on the market. This is an aerosol spray car wax that is so effective – you have to see it in action to believe!!!

Consistent washing and regular maintenance is essential to keep your vehicle in pristine condition. Fukken wax brings to you revolutionary waterless car cleaning wax which is apt to be used on car, truck, watercraft and motorcycle. It offers long-lasting shine and superior performance that is hard to beat. Fukken wax provides the best protection for all surfaces of the auto. It contains high quality #14 yellow Carnauba car wax placed in a can that makes it easy to use and apply.

Simply apply a coat of Fukken wax on the vehicle, and it protects the exterior of the auto and add years to the car’s paint.


About the company

Fukken Wax offers easy to apply wax that polishes your car and give it a brand new look. The product providessuperior performance that's hard to beat.

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