Jerrad Carranza

Jerrad Carranza

Real Estate Investor, Entrepeneur

Carranza Properties

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Jerrad Carranza is an aspiring real estate investor who currently works full-time in the heavy steel fabrication industry as a welder. He has several professional welding certifications, including the AWS D15.1. He regularly works with wire feed, stick, and sub arc, and is privileged to be one of the few in the US to work on government nuclear projects. Currently, among other projects, he fabricates Union Pacific bridge spans and the very first nuclear power plant in the States for more than thirty years.

Despite his current position, Jerrad aspires to something more. This is where real estate enters the picture. Not only is this a subject that he enjoys as a hobby, but it is a career that he believes he can be successful in while also helping others.

Jerrad and his brother, Chris, founded Carranza properties in 2013. In that time he has done several real estate transactions. He has also begun to do more of his investing online, without ever meeting in person, any of the principals involved. Jerrad also began to work with a partner during late 2013 with contract for deed and rent to own properties. In all, the education and experience that he has received has been an ongoing, but very rewarding, adventure.

Through his real estate investing endeavors, Jerrad recently became involved in credit repair services. He has found that this compliments both his real estate business and his ability to help others.

Father of three of his own, as well as three step-children, Jerrad also strives to be a family man. Realizing that a well rounded and successful life involves many spheres, he works at improving all areas of life, making slow but sure progress towards his goals.


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