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Jerome D. Westbrook a businessman, entreprenuer and real estate investor. A life long resident of Springfield, Massachusetts the birthplace of basketball and home of the world famous Basketball Hall of Fame. Jerome have been serving clients throughout the Metro areas of Springfield, Ma and Hartford, Ct in various capacities for over 25 years.
His entreprenuer ventures started at the tender age of 10 years old with a paper route. Shortly there after Jerome started to offer some of his paper route customers maitainence services for their homes. In the winter he will shovel the snow, spring & summer cut grass, keep the yards clean, fall Jerome would rake the leaves. Now Jerome couldn't do all the work by himself so he charged enough to hire his cousins to help.

By the time Jerome was 18 years old he bought and sold liqudated goods through the mail, to local residence and businesses owners. (Which he still does from time to time) In fact Jeromes' best products he sold were closeout socks to local college students for $5.00 per dozen.

It was around this time he got into the real estate & mortgage business. Jerome would find properties for investors and they would pay him a finders fee. At 19 years old he became the youngest real estate appraiser in Hampden County.

Jerome is a licened real estate agent since 1997. He worked as a mortgage broker, business broker and owned a janitorial contracting firm througout his 20s and 30s.

Currently Jerome owns a direct response marketing firm Mass Marketing Pros and is involved with real estate investments.

Jerome and his partners provides strategic & tactical real estate solutions for buyers and sellers. They pride ourselves in helping property owners solve their real estate problems. Be it residential, commercial or land.

Jerome is currently looking to buy properties in all 50 states. Residential and Commercial.

For sellers:

Jerome may just be the answer to your payers. If you need to sell FAST for any reason and/or are struggling to make your mortgage payment he can help. It doesn't matter if you have little or no equity or a lot of equity Jerome can find a solution for you. Lastly and most important it doesn't cost you a dime to work with him.

For Buyers:

If you have a good steady income and a reasonable down payment Jerome can help you get the home that you desire.

Please keep in mind that Jerome D. Westbrook is in business for the long haul, and maintaining a high number of happy and loyal customers, partners and friends is his number one goal!

Please feel free to contact Jerome at any time:

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