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jennifer levine

Dr. Jennifer Levine, famous NY plastic
surgeon is one of only a handful of Rhino 

240 East 79th Street, New York, New York, New York, 10021,
United States

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Great Looking Faces With Right Nose Jobs


To look good is the desire of every heart and who can understand it better than a woman. As a seasoned female plastic surgeon NY, Dr. Jennifer Levin knows that even a minute change in the nose can dramatically improve the appearance of the face. In fact, perfect nose in nothing but a myth and the only purpose of rhinoplasty NY should be to make nose harmonize with other facial features like eyes, cheek bones and shape of the face. So, if you are planning to go for rhinoplasty, it’s important to remember that the ultimate goal of the nasal surgery remains improved aesthetic as well as better functionality. To know finer nuances about cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasty in NY, visit www.drjenniferlevine.com.


The only female plastic surgeon New York, Dr. Levin understands well that in rhinoplasty, even the changes of millimetres is sufficient to make a significant difference in facial aesthetics so several pre-operative sessions of discussions and planning are arranged. Only after a careful study of your cheeks, jawline and skin thickness is the changes in your present nose suggested so as to harmonize it with your overall facial features. If the reason for surgery is breathing problem like sinus, then renowned female plastic surgeon NY, Dr Levin will explain to you, after a thorough examination, about the improvement the surgery will bring. You may, however, have to undergo some tests to access the degree of obstruction.


The rhinoplasty NY usually is done under general anaesthesia and takes about 2 hours. Though most incisions are small and made in the interiors of nostrils, some incisions have to be made along the crease at the side or near the base of the nose. When you entrust the job of your rhinoplasty in NY to Dr. Levin, the most sought after female plastic surgeon New York, healing is quick and scars are almost invisible. Your nose is placed in a cast after rhinoplasty for about a week. In case of bleeding, light dressing is placed inside the nose only to be removed the same day itself.


You will be amazed at the little pain post rhinoplasty in NY when your surgeon happens to be the expert female plastic surgeon NY, Dr. Levin. The only discomfort comes from inability to breathe properly through nose due to swelling which is likely to last a few weeks. But swelling around the eyes is expected to last at least three weeks and tends to get worse by bending and lifting. You will notice the improvement right after the swelling starts lifting but avoid running, cycling or aerobics for a fast recovery.


Blepharoplasty in NY is usually accompanied by forehead and eyebrow lift and can dramatically alter the signs of aging. Dr. Levin, the only female plastic surgeon New York can use this procedure to restore the freshness and vibrancy of eyes lost due to wrinkles and excessive skin on eyelids. You recover completely within ten days of http://www.drjenniferlevine.com/eyelid_lift.phpBlepharoplasty in NY and can start moving out with sun glasses almost immediately.

If you have been considering either a nose job or surgery of the eyelids, visiting www.drjenniferlevine.com would help you a great deal.



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