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Jennifer Carpentier Fond


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Trained and experienced in skincare, Jennifer Fond is a dedicated, licensed aesthetician, specializing in treatment of the skin, and who has helped many women and men to solve or improve the condition of their skin. Jennifer uses her extensive knowledge of skincare and product ingredients to help her clients achieve a very personalized skin care regimen. This is because Jennifer recognizes each person as a distinctive individual with unique skincare concerns. Her true passion lies in her desire to help her clients to realize that they are each unique, and that there is no across-the-board, one-size-fits-all skincare "Silver Bullet".

Jennifer provides the personal attention needed by clients with high-powered careers; entrepreneurs, talents of the fashion industry, actors and even opera singers who literally come in between shows, meetings, or before getting on a plane for the skincare treatments that they need. Jennifer’s client’s appreciate the level of service afforded by being able to e-mail, text and call her directly to attend their needs. If they are running late, they don’t have to stress that their time will be lost since she knows and understands that they usually require allotted time before and after their treatment because of their unusual schedules. Jennifer recognizes her client's personal needs, and with her understanding, provides a sense of being pampered while focusing on the treatment.

In her work, Jennifer has recognized that some commercially available skin treatment products are close, but do not deliver the level of high quality (that the high price tags offer) ,healing, restorative ingredients that are necessary for better results. To this end, Jennifer has created Ritual Skincare - her own selection of organic herbs, botanicals, essential oils, marine extracts each cosen for their specific, natural active ingredient.. Ritual Skincare natural and organic products are specifically developed to provide the necessary healing results for her clients.

Jennifer and Tony DiFrancisco provide skincare and massage therapy By Appointment Only at Serenity Suite NYC, located in the historic Washington Square Hotel in Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City.

Tony is trained and licensed to perform massage therapy in New York and Connecticut, and provides relaxing and healing massages for clients. Tony's massage and bodywork promotes physical and emotional well-being; allowing your body to relax, detoxify, and helping each client to relieve accumulated stress.

Tony's massage therapy provides relief for a variety of physical conditions - releasing muscular tension, improving circulation of your blood, supporting better posture, and relief from headaches, neck and back pains, and many sports injuries. In the Serenity Suite at the Washington Square Hotel your personalized massage treatment can help you to relax while it relieves stress and helps you to achieve an overall state of health and well-being.


About the company

A Private cozy room inside the Washington Square Hotel; during your treatment, we cater to each client as an individual.

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Serenity Suite NYC - Washington Square Hotel - Front Desk - 103 Waverly Place - New York, New York 10011-9194
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