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Practicing family law since 1981, Jeffery S. Graff boasts more than three decades of family law experience. In that time, Attorney Graff has handled thousands of cases covering a variety of issues throughout Southern California. He has a firm grasp on the Ventura County and Los Angeles County procedures in regards to child custody, visitation, support, and other similar matters. Most importantly, Attorney Graff understands the overwhelming emotion and frustration that can come into play in these types of cases. That is why he provides compassionate and personalized legal counsel every step of the way. Westlake Village family law attorney, Jeffrey Graff, is there to answer any questions you may have about divorce, separation, or similar legal processes. Find out how his firm can assist with your case by calling them today!

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Areas of Practice
*Family Law
*Child Custody
*Spousal Support
*And More

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*Over 35 Years of Experience
*Personalized Attention
*Weekend & After-Hours Appointments Available 
*Free Consultations

*California State Bar Association

* J.D. from University of West Los Angeles


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The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Graff is a qualified Westlake Village divorce and family law firm backed by more than 30 years of legal experience. 

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280 N Westlake Blvd Suite 120 Westlake Village, CA 91362
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