Jeff Champlin Carmel Valley

Jeff Champlin Carmel Valley

Former Oil and Gas Line Auditor Jeff Champlin, Once of Carmel Valley


About Me

Jeff Champlin, a graduate of Midland College in Texas and a longtime resident of Carmel Valley, California, is a retired oil and natural gas auditor. Today, after relocating from Carmel Valley to Spreckels, he makes the most of his retirement as an amateur archaeologist with the Diggers of SoCal. In recent years, he has recovered a number of vases and pots from tribal dig sites in Florida. In addition to uncovering these artifacts, Jeff Champlin has taken steps toward restoring the pieces and assembling a collection of his findings. In the future, he and the Diggers of SoCal will partner with a university based in Delaware on a dig outside of Mexico City.

Prior to his retirement, Champlin’s duties were significantly different. Working primarily in Chicago, Illinois, he provided his auditing services to oil and natural gas lines located throughout the continental United States. As his career moved forward, he began performing cost analysis services on oil pipelines in Central America and South America during the construction and maintenance phases. He retired from auditing several years ago and has since enjoyed life in California.


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