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Been working at James’ Home Services for a while now. Much better than my old job. Definitely. At the moment I’m just in the indoors cleaning part of the James’ Home Services team but would like to try out the other stuff to. Could be a James’ Home Services mobile dog groomer? Or a James Home Services garderner. Sounds great. I like a bit of variety in my work. A James’ Home Services car detailer, that sounds like fun. Guess I just better ask if I can do all the stuff. That’s definitely some variety in a job. Well, all in all I really am content working here, met a lot of good friends and the whole James’ Home Services team are great. It’s a fantastic work environement. Being outdoors most of the time Mowing, gardening, cleaning peoples dogs and giving them a clip. Love dogs to, not so much into the little ratty dogs though. Nothing better than a good old aussie cattle dog or a kelpie that’s a real dog. Saw Samantha in the James’ Home Services mobile dog wash van cleaning a kelpie the other day. Red Kelpy, like red dog. Love that movie its great, pretty funny too. Anyways better get ready for work now. Got a good day of James’ Home Service cleaning to do. Hopefully by next week I’ll be getting my hands on some mowing or dog grooming or car detailing or something.


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James' Home Services professional cleaning and home maintenance. Also specialising in Pest Control, Mobile Car Wash, Dog Wash, Franchise Opportunities, Franchising, Coffee with James Franchise

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