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Sydney Blinds: 4 Window Blinds That Help Keep Homes Cool

There are different types of window blinds and they can give you different results. Although all window blinds are meant to block some amount of sunlight from entering through our windows to naturally cool the space, some window blinds are suitable to keep homes cool in warmer months compared to others. Using these kinds of blinds can help lower our utility bills without even using expensive materials or upgrades for home cooling systems. This post will discuss the types of blinds that can help keep homes cool.


These window blinds are made from bamboo strips that are tightly woven together to create a solid mat. Some experts say that bamboo window blinds perform a good job in blocking heat from entering through the windows whether the blinds are installed inside the window or if they are installed on the exterior of the home. The weave allows some light while blocking up to 60 or 65 percent of the heat that normally comes through a window. When installing these kinds of blinds, make sure that you install them as close to the window as possible and then plan for an inch or two of extra material on one of the sides of the window to increase their efficiency. 


Light colored blinds reflect some amount of heat but there are blinds with one side that is left unfinished to expose the shininess of the aluminum. Installing these types of blinds in a window with the more reflective side out will prevent heat from entering the room. Aluminum blinds are also durable and they can hold up to years of direct sunlight without fading or without being damaged. They They're actually a cheaper choice compared to expensive blackout curtains or UV blocking films.


If you aren't interested in letting light through the windows in the hottest part of the day, then choose a set of vinyl roller blinds. These window blinds are made of single sheets of vinyl and they may be covered in fabric to give them a more elegant look. Because they don't have a lot of holes or slats, light and heat will not be able to enter as long as they are closed. You may also choose cloth roller blinds made with solar shading fabric. These blinds filter light through its looser weave while blocking out the heat. To have the best protection, you should choose vinyl blackout blinds. Then again, they are prone to fading after being constantly exposed to direct sunlight.


Blinds that have horizontal slats provide some cooling effect to a room if they're correctly positioned when direct sunlight heats the window. The inside edge of the slats must be tilted upward in order to trap the maximum amount of heat, thus letting some amount of light into the room. The energy saving effects of window blinds will be useless if the room has been darkened due to too much window treatments because it means that there's a use of extra electricity for lighting.

These are the types of window blinds that help keep rooms and houses cool. For more information about window Sydney Blinds, check out Clearview Blinds!

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