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Jacquelyn Rokusek is an award-winning Kansas City criminal defense attorney with more than 20 years of legal experience. Attorney Rokusek has tried more than 60 jury trials and handled numerous bench trials in multiple courts, including federal, state, and city courts. In 1993, Jackie became an Assistant District Attorney in the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office. She handled both juvenile and adult felony cases during her time there. Jackie is also a former Special United States Attorney, during which time she prosecuted federal drug offenses and gained insightful experience. She has a background working directly with the DEA, the FBI, INS/ICE, ATF, and several other federal agencies. Jackie knows how these agencies bring cases against the criminally accused and can use her insight to craft strong defenses for her clients. Get her invaluable experience on your side today—call (913) 583-0465. 

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Types of Cases Handled: 
• Criminal Defense
• Drug Crimes
• Felony Crimes
• Federal Drug Trafficking
• Sex Crimes
• White Collar Crimes
• And more!


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The Kansas City criminal defense attorneys at Rokusek Law, LLC have more than 30 years of collective experience in criminal law.

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