Jacquelyn Hughes

Jacquelyn Hughes

About Me

Attorney Hughes was born and raised in Montana, making her truly passionate about assisting her fellow Montanans when they are in a time of need. If you are looking for a Billings lawyer who can assist you in filing a personal injury claim, look no further than Hughes Law, PLLC.  No case is too simple or too complex for Ms. Hughes to take on, and she always works tirelessly to help her clients obtain the compensation they deserve. To see how you may benefit from teaming up with a Billings personal injury lawyer, do not hesitate to contact the firm. 

Contact Hughes Law, PLLC
2722 3rd Ave N, Suite 400 
Billings, MT 59101
Phone: (406) 953-4156

Areas of Practice
* Personal Injury
* Car Accidents
* Truck Accidents
* Motorcycle Accidents
* And More…

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About the company

At Hughes Law, PLLC Attorney Jacquelyn Hughes is dedicated to representing those who have suffered injuries and damages due to the negligence of another.

Contact Information

(406) 953-4156


2722 3rd Ave N, Suite 400 Billings, MT 59101
United States