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I am the Clan leader of Ivy Leaf Kennels, we were founded in 2009 and have been playing many many games since, we started by playing World of Warcraft for about 2 years where we became the #1 raiding guild on our realm. We achieved world 5th on completing AQ40 and it will be a memory we will never forget! In 2011 we decided that with the expansion coming out and 40 man raiding being destroyed that we would try out some other games such as Battlefield and Call of Duty, we played these for a few years and gradually made our way to Battlefield 4. We are still playing Battlefield 4 but are waiting for battlefield 5 to come out so that we can all play together on that. We are also waiting for Destiny on xbox one to come out so that we can all play that (it is like an MMO for Console)


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Ivy Leaf Kennels Clan dedicated to teamwork and just having fun

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