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Irving Hamer

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For nearly half a century, Irving Hamer has contributed his insights as a senior executive and academic professional. Private and public entities have turned to Hamer for guidance in strategic planning, organizational development, acquisitions and integration, and fiscal policy. Currently, he serves as a partner with the Mississippi consultancy P3 Strategies, LLC. At the agency, Irving Hamer advises schools, hospitals, and other organizations about ways to improve their offerings and enhance their efficiency. Since joining the firm, Irving Hamer has spearheaded advisory work with the $5.2 million Mississippi Teacher Recruitment and Retention Initiative; the Mississippi Ed Reform Collaborative, which caters to 44,000 poor children; and the New Teacher Project, Inc. 

During the first four years of P3 Strategies, Hamer supplemented his duties by serving as deputy superintendent of the Memphis City Schools. The recipient of a doctor of education in learning environments and social policy from Harvard University, he managed 200 schools consisting of more than 100,000 students and 8,400 teachers. During his tenure, Irving Hamer accomplished a number of goals, ranging from creating new student health clinics and increasing enrollment to implementing an online, multifactor teacher evaluation system and developing a model STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) high school.


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