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Instabill, based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA, has provided quality merchant services for more than 12 years. Founder and CEO Jason Field and Instabill deliver quality merchant accounts to low- and high-risk merchants worldwide with the help of a wide range of acquiring bank partners. Instabill has a history of processing with merchants in many different industries with consistent success.

Instabill has garnered plaudits in the merchant services industry for reliability and security and has a diverse range of domestic and international clients. Instabill merchant account representatives partner with clients for the life of the account in the following types of businesses: high-risk e-commerce, start-ups and mail order/telephone order (MOTO) ventures and offer secure, reliable credit card processing solutions.

Instabill features a detailed website for merchant account holders and other interested parties which includes regular blog entries and news commentaries. To find out more about Instabill, log on to 


About the company

The Instabill Corporation, founded by CEO Jason Field in 2001, is a merchant service provider with a payment gateway that provides a secure payment processing solution for high risk merchant accounts, domestic merchant accounts and offshore merchant accounts.Instabill has earned recognition in the industry for reliability and security and has a wide range of domestic and international clients. Instabill’s staff of merchant account representatives works to satisfy each customer through a combination of its expertise, technical support and experience throughout the life of the account. Instabill works with clients across several industries including pharmacy, e-commerce and travel, and offers merchants a secure, reliable way to process credit cards in 'card not present'(CNP) situations. Instabill pairs merchants with the appropriate acquiring banks and specializes in working with clients in online businesses, high-risk e-commerce, start-ups, international companies and mail order/te

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