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About iMusti



iMusti.com is a result of extensive user
surveys and their preferences for India 

194 Francisco Lane, Suite 108, Fremont, California, 94539,
United States

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About iMusti

iMusti.com, was born out of a conviction that Music transcends across all barriers and touches heart and soul of the listener whichever geographical location the person belongs to.


The beginning and journey of iMusti.com till now has been one that has been driven by passion where a group of Music aficionados in quest of quality Music with zeal and unperturbed perseverance launched iMusti.com that aimed at making quality Music available to anyone who is interested.


Indian Music of any genre be it Indian classical or Bollywood, Bhangra or Indipop, Remixes or Fusion or even Regional Music from different ethnicities of India, has become part of the Global Music scenario.


iMusti.com is an attempt to grant the listener, plethora of choices in the selection of Music of his/her choice.


Though initially, iMusti.com was primarily focused on all kinds of Indian Music, later, it was also felt that quality Regional Literature that speaks of Indian ethos and philosophy as well as good Hindias well as Regional Films were tough to be accessed specially by Indians who were away from their homeland.


To suffice this need, iMusti .com has traversed beyond just music…it has evolved as a one-stop online platform for accessing cultural specific content with focus on Indian Traditions And Culture, with categories of Literature (regional literature as well as value based children’s literature, mythology or philosophy), Visual arts, Craft, Films and Documentary Videos and much more being added to its menu over a period of time.


iMusti.com allows users of all ages to access one of the largest collections of Indian Music, Literature be it contemporary or regional, Hindi and Regional Films, online, can come in and have a look around the site, and register with us to start using it.


Looking at the brand identity of iMusti .com, one can clearly feel that the three pillars of the letter ‘M’ is carved out to correspond the three areas of Indian culture …Music, Literature and Indian films, both bollywood and regional language to be made available to the Indian population and to those who want to access Indian culture.


In the pipeline, there is also plan to introduce Visual Arts, Folk Music and Craft to the existing menus.  


The entire vision of  iMusti.com is to offer a site that caters to the interest of cross section of age groups, is easy to access, helping the user find the Music they love, Literature they long to read and Movies that makes them nostalgic. 


To make iMusti.com more accessible… iMusti.com and its applications are available on Smart Phone and Tabs.


iMusti .com is a result of extensive user surveys and their preferences for Music, Videos and Literature. At iMusti .com, we personally access the biggest record labels for Indian Music and persuade them to allow iMusti .com to store and play their music…enabling us to proudly possess one of the largest collection of Indian Classical Music, Old Bollywood Film Music and also Regional Music collection.


So happy listening…reading and watching on iMusti.com

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iMusti.com is a result of extensive user surveys and their preferences for Indian Music, Videos and Literature.
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