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Through the use of the Proportional Power Advantage, HydroComfort heaters offer consistency and reliability. HydroComfort heaters can save homeowners up to 50 percent off their heating costs with a technology called Individual Room Control, which keeps families warm in the winter months. Unlike traditional central heating systems, the HydroComfort heating components allow households to program the temperature for each room separately, an option that saves energy and money. Also, since HydroComfort heaters do not use ducts, the build-up of dust, dirt, and other materials in the home is reduced. 

While HydroComfort heaters operate in a different manner than central heating systems, they still use a thermostat to control the temperature. When the temperature in the house changes, the HydroComfort units automatically adjust their output. As the HydroComfort product uses 25 to 75 percent of its power capacity to keep the room warm. This method is a more energy-efficient way to heat a home because it uses less power than using 100 percent of the heater’s power for reheating. 

Families who rarely use their spare bedroom or dining room can simply program a lower temperature for those rooms, since high heat is not necessary there at all times. Several satisfied customers have written positive reviews about their experiences with HydroComfort heaters, one of them calling HydroComfort “the best baseboard heater money can buy.”


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 The first name in efficient heaters, HydroComfort provides consumers across America and Canada with a proven, alternative solution for individual room temperature control. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, with a nationwide consumer base, HydroComfort has enjoyed consistent growth in the heating and cooling industry, selling millions of units and developing some of the most innovative and energy-efficient products for the consumer market. From its revolutionary Proportional Power Advantage technology to its Wireless Individual Room Control, HydroComfort offers real, lasting value to families looking to save on heating and cooling bills. HydroComfort maintains a steadfast commitment to customer service, along with an impeccable record of client satisfaction. Harnessing the latest in energy-efficient technology, HydroComfort helps homeowners manage the temperature in each room of the house, with even heat distribution from floor to ceiling.

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