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HowieRodriguez Miami
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HowieRodriguez Miami

Owner and Training Director
California K-9 Academy

33133, United States

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A multi-engine rated private pilot and a master scuba diver with 15 specialties, Howie Rodriguez resides in Miami, Florida, where the beaches offer ample opportunity for sun tanning and exploring reefs or underwater wrecks. Dedicated to helping preserve other habitats as fragile as the reefs of Miami, Howie Rodriguez sits on the Board for the Galapagos Conservancy and has lent his expertise in dog training to direct canines in shark fin and sea cucumber searches. Founder and former owner of the California K-9 Academy, Howie Rodriguez moved to Miami after transferring control of the organization to a successor with whom he worked closely for nearly a decade. As operator of the Academy in Burbank, California, he trained the dogs of owners in the greater Los Angeles area at a facility equipped much like a home, helping canines absorb the training they were receiving in surroundings similar to those where they lived. Howie Rodriguez first entered the industry of training and caring for dogs as a young boy, when he earned an appointment as Kennel Attendant for The K-9 Command Dog training center in New York. Less than a decade after joining the center, he had advanced to Head Trainer and National Training Director, then partner. Spearheading an expansion initiative that established 32 new kennels throughout the United States, Howie Rodriguez traveled first to Kansas City, where he supervised and facilitated restructuring operations of headquarters, then to Florida, where he opened two new kennels and created a business partnership with The Town of Oakland Police Department. Acting as Canine training Coordinator, he acquired high caliber police dogs and trained them in the areas of bomb detection, building search, wind scent discrimination, and protection. From Florida, Howie Rodriguez moved to Germany, opening a new kennel and gaining better access to quality dogs. While competing in the World Champion Trial of Working Dogs in Germany, he met recruiters from Los Angeles and soon moved to the Golden State to open the California K-9 Academy. Today, in addition to giving scuba diving instructions and piloting small planes in Miami, Howie Rodriguez is active in the philanthropic community through support of the United Children’s Charity Fund (also known as the United Christian Children’s Fund) and participation in the Board activities of WildAid.


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California K-9 Academy

Owner and TrainingDirector

Dog Training and Importing German Shepherds from Germany

Burbank, CA US

01/1/1990 — 12/1/2009

I have many famous clients. Janet Jackson, Steve Wynn, Howard Schultz, Bo Derek, Drew Barrymore, Kelly LeBroc, John Corbett, Tom Petty, and MANY moreI have been training dogs since i was 10 years old.Won the National Championship in Dog Training, Won the world championship in Helsinki, have been the USA world team captain 8 times and many other achievments you will see on my site(s)


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Roger Williams College


Bristol, RI US


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Professional Organizations:
Board member of the Galapagos Conservancy & Wild Aid

united childrens christian fund

Hobbies / Activities:
single and twin engine pilot, scuba instuctor






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