Howie Bartz

Howie Bartz

CEO, Principal

Bracing Solutions


About Me

As an entrepreneur and physical therapist, Howie Bartz possesses exhaustive, in-depth experience in the medical services field. Howie Bartz is the sole owner and founder of Meditech, a company that specializes in providing essential medical services (physical therapy consulting, urine collection, DME services) and medical products (TENS units, muscle stimulators, compound medical creams) to various outpatient physician practices.

Through Meditech, Mr. Bartz developed the Bartz Bracing Systems, a product line that carries TENS units and back, neck, and knee braces. He is continually adding new products to his line and uses his medical expertise to design and develop the most advanced products on the market.

Prior to founding Meditech, he owned and operated two outpatient centers that specialized in orthopedic and spinal rehabilitation. For a period of seven years (2000 to 2007), he also worked as an account manager for RS Medical, earning himself an Account Manager of the Year award in 2005 and 2006.                             


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