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What is the use of a plastic palette?

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Palettes are mainly used to store in goods to make them ready for shipping. This is usually found in factories worldwide. Palettes are made from different materials like wood, metal and plastic. Each kind of palette is being used until this point in time but for economical reasons, most factories are now switching from wood or metal palettes to plastic palettes.

Here are some reasons why plastic palettes are more economical than the wood or metal palettes:


1. It is lighter in weight thus making shipping of goods easy to do.


2. plastic pallets are easier to clean and disinfect.


3. palettes plastiques can easily resist odors than wood and metal. Wood and Metal sometimes creates a reaction when stains happen due to leak from the products being placed in the palette. Molds are also easily grown if the wood palette is moist or wet.


4. The life span of a plastic palette is longer than wood and metal. Wood can chip off after a few years of use. While metal can rust thru the years.

When using a plastic palette, you should consider the items that you will be loading too. Plastic palettes come in different kinds. Check each one below to know the right plastic palette to use for your products.


1. Rackable Plastic Palettes – these are the strongest and most durable plastic palette that can be used for heavy loads.


2. Stackable Plastic Palettes – these are the type of palettes used if you don’t have enough storage space in your warehouse because you can put the palette on top of each other without the risk of breaking it.


3. Export Palette – These are palettes that are usually used one time. Export palettes are perfect for light weight materials.


4. Solid Deck Plastic Palette – these palettes have a solid covering to protect the goods inside the palette.


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