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14 Eighth Street, Glace Bay, B1A 4K9, Canada

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Hernia Wiki - Products and Services:    Hernia symptoms and surgery information. Here I will attempt to document my unwelcome hernias that I developed and went through the mill trying to figure out what to do. I went to a ton of doctors from Halifax to Vancouver, all of them were out of the league of diagnosing a hernia and worse off they were going to let it go on until it got worse, then send me to a urologist that maybe performs 20 or 30 hernia operations in a year.. I scoured pages from Google and found very little to help me, other than some idiotic herbal medicine with no track record and most likely hernia cure snake oil. Then there is a guy from Portugal or Spain with a video of how he cured his hernia with excersises, but if you delve deep and read his whole blog you would soon discover that after many months, even years, it still was just as bad as before and never really went away. His video can be seen here, Hernia Exercises – Inguinal Hernia healed without surgery The last thing I wanted was to go under the knife and many posts on many forums as well as the video above were saying that it could be cured with herbs exercise etc, all of which I now consider BS and the only way to cure yourself is to have it repaired surgically or live with it and be uncomfortable until it kills you!



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Hernia Wiki - Additional Details:     A hernia may develop when there is a weak spot or opening in the wall of muscle and connective tissue that supports your abdomen. Once you have a weakness in your abdominal wall, anything that increases the pressure in your abdomen may push fat or part of an organ through the opening.


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Hernia symptoms and repair information as well as the right hospital should you need surgery.

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