Hawaiian Moonshine

Hawaiian Moonshine

An Authentic Recreation of Okolehao Spirits

Hawaiian Moonshine


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Produced by Island Distillers, Inc., in Honolulu, Hawaiian Moonshine is a 100-proof spirit crafted by Dave Flintstone as a way of recreating authentic okolehao, which was popularized locally in the 18th century. The beverage was invented by an English captain who procured ti roots and baked them in earthen ovens to create sugars from the starchy plant. Fermented with wild yeast, a ti root beer was created. In the 1790s, an escaped Australian convict improved on this recipe by introducing distillation techniques, and okolehao liquor was produced. The concoction gained a strong local following, with iron pots used for rendering whale blubber utilized for the distillation process. Hawaiian Moonshine’s heritage is reflected in the very name okolehao, which means “iron bottom.”The quality of Hawaiian Moonshine is guided by Mr. Flintstone’s lifelong quest to produce superior spirits. He gained experience in sugar cane alcohol while li

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