Harold Mitchell

Harold Mitchell

Founder & Owner

Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers Ltd. 


About Me

If Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers has earned such a great reputation throughout Canada, it is in great part thanks to Harold J. Mitchell, its founder. When Harold decided to launch the company in 1948, he had to start from scratch. He knew no one, had no connections in the business, no access to huge funds... but what he did have was a lot of drive and persistence. With nothing but a phone, a desire to help and a never-say-die attitude, he secured his first clients right from the phone book.

Where he truly distinguished himself though is that, once he had gained a person's trust, he would work very hard never to let them him down and turn him into a client for life. It is about that time that Mitchell's name became synonymous with dedication and first-class service. Years later, Harold brought his sons in to help and they led the company with the same philosophy that made its success in the first place: always go the extra mile to please the clientele.

Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers Ltd
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