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Harish Midathala
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Harish Midathala M.Sc

Audio DSP Engineer

301201, India

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About Harish Midathala


Harish Midathala - Professional Summary:    


• Since career beginning associated with the telecom industry, working with Audio, Speech and Video signal processing Embedded Software Development for multimedia, wireline, mobile and VoIP applications like Bluetooth Headset, Earphone, Speakerphone, Hearing Aids and Media Server products.

• Experience with Speech, Audio and Video codec's porting, optimization and integration with Real Time Systems like G.711, G722, G729, AMR NB & WB, GSM HR, MP3, AAC, ACC+, Ultra low delay ACC, DTS, MPEG-4, and SILK

• Expertise with Voice Quality Enhancement algorithms in Low SNR conditions.

• Expertise with the'C intresic' , IPP(Ia32 & 64) (Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives) and assembly level optimization.

• Excellent Technical Leadership qualities, good customer support experience with multinational work culture and fascinated towards Digital Signal Processing.

Expertise with: 
• Matlab/Simulink model development and simulation.
• C floating and fixed point coding.
• Assembly programming (TI TMS320C64x DSP).
• Windows, Linux and QNX based operating environments.
• Cool Edit, Gold wave and Audacity signal analysis tools.



Harish Midathala - Professional Experience:  


DSP Engineer

ATC Labs

Current Project: Working on Ultra low Dealy (0.6mS) ACC (Audio Communication codecs) And implemnting it on ARM(C-4) Micro controller Unit (MCU)
Past Projects:

Worked on AutoAudioDenoizer(AAD), AAD perform Noise reduction in both Offline and online stream conditions, it actually goes beyond simple noise removal and incorporates five different tools for improving the audio: Wideband Automatic Noise Removal (WANR), Voice/Vocal Enhancement (VE), Incoherent Component Suppression (ICS), Dynamic Listening Fatigue Reduction (DLFR) and Hum Removal. These different tools managed judiciously can provide crystal clear, pleasant, noise free high quality audio and offer the user flexibility for creating a customized “signature sound.” with the emphasis on best possible audio quality after substantial noise removal is applied. Which is very user-friendly operating tool.

An Audio IIT group working on the products in ATC, we are concentrated IPP ia32&64 optimized AAC,MP3 and ACC+ codecs for NB& WB, as well as technologies for bandwidth extension, multichannel processing and audio effects.I am also involved in the development of ACC (Audio communication codecs)software products targeted towards the Voice over IP (VOIP) segment

Worked for VIOP application codecs in which we created an ultra low delay c intresic optimized codec.

Research in Abatement of Microphone Inaccuracies Using Microphone array beamfomining

project assistant in Blekinge tekniska högskola


March 2011 – May 2012  (1 year 3 months) Karlskoga, Sweden

A basic speech enhancement can be achieved by the suppression of background Noise and reverberation from the clean speech. The point to be noted is to achieve it with a low computational complexity. The aim is to estimate signal arriving optimally from the desired direction in the presence of reverberant-noisy speech signal. Overlapping frequency content originating from distinctive directions. In this contribution, robust beamformers namely Elkos beamformer, Wiener beamforming and optimal signal to noise interference ratio (SNIR) beamformer are designed and analysed collaboratively in a group under the consideration of hearing aid constraints such as the microphone distance and different real world room dimensions. A fractionally delayed (FD) all pass Thiran filters are designed to get a maximally flat group delay. A virtual room image model is designed to achieve different dimensions of the room and their reverberant speech signals. 
The objective of dissertation is to design de-reverberation and echo cancellation systems using fixed Optimal Signal to Noise Interference Ratio Beamformers (OSNIRB).The performance is evaluated using the Signal to noise improvement (SNRI) and Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality Improvement (PESQI). The reverberation power suppression is analysed by using Reverberation ratio (RR). Results show that optimal SNIR beamformer performs best compared to all other beamformers due to its inherent properties.
• Tools: C, Matlab.
• Responsibilities in the project: Project Assistant under my professor Nedelko Grabic and as a Team leader for a Group of 4 people.


All India Radio


March 2009 – August 2009 (6 months) Anantpaur

Worked as an intern in all india radio submitted a documentary about the improvements of all india radio.



Harish Midathala - Education:    


Blekinge tekniska högskola

Master of Science (MSc)Signal processing in Electrical engineering

2010 – 2012

Grade: 4.5/5

post-graduated in Electrical engineering with emphasis on Signal processing.Studies Program: 1 semester at JNTU (Jawahrlal nehru technical university), mainly focused on signal processing. and renaming 3 semisters at Blekinge Tekniska Högskola (BTH).


Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad

Master's degreeSignal Processing

2009 – 2010

Grade: 65%

Post-graduated in Electrical engineering with emphasis on Signal processing from JNTU and BTH. which is a double degree program.


chandrashekarendra saraswathi viswa maha vidyalaya

Bachelor of Science (BS)Electrical and Electronics Engineering

2005 – 2009

Grade: 8.47-percent out of 10.0

graduated in Electronic and communication.It is complete structure of 4 years program. in which we learnt the basic of signal processing, mobile and radio communications , embedded system and DSP. completed a project titled : Robust Intruder alert using CCTV.



Harish Midathala - Interests:   signal processing, C, C++, Matlab, I love new technology articales, and i enjoy with programming.


Harish Midathala Links

This is my linked in profile which describes more about running and past projects.
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