Harin Jalli Connecticut

Harin Jalli Connecticut

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Most people who know about Harin Jalli, Connecticut-based entrepreneur and expert in the global chemical and energy industries, know him as the founder of Sonerica Capital. However, Mr. Jalli had a history long before that. For more than three decades, he has used his positions in senior management with a number of companies to become an industry expert. As such, he done very well for himself and he is now an important player in his field. He has also accumulated a significant network of important contacts in this vital global industry.

For Harin Jalli, Connecticut is home, but he is known worldwide for his expertise in the global chemical and energy industries. He is often called upon to share his extensive knowledge with others, but he also shares his knowledge in academic settings, to new entrants into his industry, thus making sure the future is more secure. Harin Jalli is also among the most accessible speakers in the world on these topics, one who is quite often featured at educational events for those industries. He’s passing his knowledge on to future generations.


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