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Ohio Funeral Services at Grunn Funeral Home

Grunn Funeral Home has been serving Middletown, Dayton, and Cincinnati since being founded under the Main Street Casket Company name in 2012. The Main Street Casket Store was founded more than five years ago by Eric Lusain, the current owner and operator of both the Main Street Casket Company and Grunn Funeral Home. Mr. Lusain, a graduate of Nashville’s Fisk University, partnered with Robert Grunn, a funeral home director and licensed embalmer who studied mortuary science at Cincinnati College and business at the University of Cincinnati. He is also a CCMS Restoration Award recipient.

Grunn Funeral Home is operated under the notion that funeral services are much more than an industry, but an important part of the grieving process. The founders of the home are dedicated to providing clients with affordable and easy-to-understand products and services, which include cremation, traditional burials, and premium caskets at wholesale prices. In addition to serving the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Middleton areas of Ohio, the company has a presence in Indiana and northern Kentucky as well.


About the company

Main Street Casket Company is owned and operated by Eric Lusain. In 2008 we buried a loved one for the first time, and quickly learned that funerals are pricey and confusing. Through experience and research, we learned how to help people in this time of need. Since then we created the ability to personally deliver caskets same or next day to Birmingham and the Greater Cincinnati Area. In 2012, we partnered with Robert Grunn, and founded The Grunn Funeral Home across the street from our casket store. Now we have the ability to offer $699 Direct Cremations, $2500 Complete Funerals, and Pre-need Burial Insurance.

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