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G.R. Traders

We are Specialist in Electrical Insulating
Materials and Distributor for Dr. Bec 

Mumbai - 400002, Maharashtra, India, Mumbai, 400002, India

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About G.R. Traders

We are specialist in the field of electric insulating materials used in motors, transformers and generators for the last 45 yrs. We take the opportunity of introducing ourselves as one of leading distributors and dealers in Insulating materials. For us success is built on being a vital link in the supply chain between our principal companies and the end company.

This can be, achieved by supplying quality products, continuous feed back and offer Uncompromised services to the industries.

We are distributors Of Elantas Beck India Ltd., Pune. For insulating varnishes used in impregnation of electrical machines windings transformers, magnet coils for thermal class 120-200 equivalent coating for core plate lamination, capacitors electronic components etc. Impregnation of hermetically sealed motors impregnation of fiberglass sleevings, tapes etc. Finishing varnish coating for improved moisture and track resistance.

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We are Specialist in Electrical Insulating Materials and Distributor for Dr. Beck Varnishes and Resines.

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